Want more from Netflix than you get in the UK?

Netflix-friendly VPN can help

One of the best things about VPNs is that they allow you to browse the web and access sites and services as if you’re based in a different country. That’s good news when you’re trying to access news sites or social networks from a country where they’re normally blocked or censored, but it’s also good news if you want to watch streaming services that are blocked outside their home region, or if you want to see what services such as Netflix have to offer viewers in the US, mainland Europe or elsewhere.

Here we’re focusing on Netflix, partly because it’s the easiest service to connect to and partly because it’s quite challenging for VPNs. On the first front, you only need a UK-based account, not a US one, so you don’t need a US credit card or address. On the second, Netflix is cracking down on VPNs and has introduced technology to spot them and prevent you connecting. Some VPNs get around this, but not all of them – and while we’ve given you our best bets based on recent tests, there’s no guarantee that these will continue to work in months or years to come.

These aren’t necessarily the fastest or most feature-packed VPNs (though they’re all very good) but they are the VPNs that seem to get past Netflix’s nastiest detection systems – at least for now.

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Best Netflix VPN 2018: The top VPN for watching Netflix abroad
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